Pursuit of sustainability in the post-covid era
Challenges and opportunities for sustainability practitioners
Date: Sep 29th 2020
Times 15:00 to 17:00 ( BSt)


The Greening of Industry organization in conjunction with The University of Portsmouth invites sustainability practitioners to attend this webinar. The purpose of the webinar is to collate expert perspectives on sustainability practices amidst Covid-19. We bring together some of the experts in the field to discuss the future of sustainablity practices.


  • Change in values and the impact on sustainability during and post Covid-19
  • How Covid-19 is co-constructing relationships within the sustainability industry
  • Sustainability consultant-client relationship during and post Covid-19
  • Re-orientation of ideas


  • How will the behaviour of companies evolve during and post Covid-19 and will this mark a shift towards intellectual labour?
  • What are the challenges that sustainability practitioners are facing during and post Covid-19

and how can they position themselves favourably?

Program and key speakers will be soon announced in this webpage. Facilitators are Professor dr. Diego Vazquez-Brust and Dr. Hamid Foroughi who are affiliated to Portsmouth Business School, University of Portsmouth.

 For registration and further information contact Ms. Marion Onguka (marion.onguka@myport.ac.uk)