The Network's core activities are linked meetings, publications and communications
Through our publication series, we extend the reach of the research and dialogue of our convenings
Contributors to the series include researchers, business strategists and government policy makers


Strategic Decision Making for Sustainable Management of Industrial Networks
Vol. 8 Jafar Rezaei (Ed) 2021
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Africa and Sustainable Global Value Chains
Vol. 9 Regina Frei, Sherwat Ibrahim & Temidayo Akenroye (Eds) 2022
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Towards Zero Waste
Circular Economy Boost, Waste to Resources
Vol. 6 Franco-García, María-Laura, Carpio-Aguilar, Jorge Carlos, Bressers, Hans (Eds.) 2019
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Sustainable Development Goals and Sustainable Supply Chains in the Post-global Economy
Vol. 7 Yakovleva, Natalia, Frei, Regina, Murthy, Sudhir Rama (Eds.) 2019
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