The Greening of Industry Network connects people from various professional and geographical backgrounds to jointly work on the challenge of industrial transformation. The network is a space to work in, an open forum for debate, mutual learning, and creating knowledge and action agendas. The Network is an international association open to all who are interested in the sustainability challenge, the intertwined issues of industry, environment and society.

We work in research, education, business, civil society organizations, consultancies and government, representing over 50 countries. In March 2000 we began evaluating the Network’s first ten years and started planning for our second decade. For this transition, we dissolved the Advisory Board and Action Planning Committee and formed a temporary Working Interim Group.

We want to thank all the members of the former Board, Planning Committee, and the Working Interim Group for their volunteer service in guiding the Greening of Industry Network. In 2002, we convened a new advisory board, called the International Planning Board (see Advisors), and launched the second Decade of the Greening of Industry Network.


GIN Coordinating Team members work cooperatively to pursue the Network’s mission. Since 1991 the Greening of Industry Network has engaged researchers, business leaders, activists and policy makers from more than 50 countries to respond to the challenge of sustainable development. Through linked conferences, publications, and communications, the Network seeks to create new relationships, visions, and practices for sustainability.

Theo de Bruijn

Centre for Urban and Environmental Development
Saxion, University for Applied Sciences,
The Netherlands

Kurt Fischer

The George Perkins Marsh Research Institute
Clark University, USA

Somporn Kamolsiripichaiporn

Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

Joseph Sarkis

School of Business
Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA

Maria-Laura Franco-Garcia

Department of Governance and Technology
for Sustainable Development (CSTM)
University of Twente, The Netherlands

Diego Vazquez

University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom

Natalia Yakovleva

KEDGE Business School, France

Martin Lehman

Department of Development and Planning
Aalborg University, Denmark

Kua Harn Wei

School of Design and Environment
National University of Singapore, Thailand

Ilangovan Kuppusamy

Nano Wind Inc, CA 900040 USA