Strategic Decision Making for Sustainable Management of Industrial Networks
Vol. 8 Jafar Rezaei (Ed) 2021
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Africa and Sustainable Global Value Chains
Vol. 9 Regina Frei, Sherwat Ibrahim & Temidayo Akenroye (Eds) 2022
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Green Logistics and Transportation
A Sustainable Supply Chain Perspective
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Social and Environmental Dimensions of Organizations and Supply Chains
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Towards Zero Waste
Circular Economy Boost, Waste to Resources
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Sustainable Development Goals and Sustainable Supply Chains in the Post-global Economy
Vol. 7 Yakovleva, Natalia, Frei, Regina, Murthy, Sudhir Rama (Eds.) 2019. For further description click here.

Eco-Innovation and the Development of Business Models
Lessons from Experience and New Frontiers in Theory and Practice.
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Collaboration for sustainability and Innovation: A Role for Sustainability Driven by the Global South?
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Green Growth: Managing the Transition to Sustainable Economies
(2012) Springer Publishers. Edited by Vazquez Brust, Diego and Sarkis, Joseph. GIN book series from GIN2010 Conference held in Seoul, South Korea, with the theme "Climate Change and Green Growth: Innovating for Sustainabilty". Click here  for the website of the book.

Facilitating Sustainable Innovation through Collaboration: A Multi-Stakeholder Perspective
Springer, ISBN 978-90-481-3158-7, 2010. Edited by Sarkis, Joseph; Cordeiro, James J; Vazquez Brust, Diego. Many of papers were first presented as papers at the GIN2009 conference in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands. Click here  for more information on the book.

The Business of Sustainable Mobility: From Vision to Reality
Greenleaf Publishing, ISBN 1 874719 80 2, July 2006, Click here. Edited by Paul Nieuwenhuis and Peter Wells, Cardiff University, UK; Philip J. Vergragt, Tellus Institute, USA; drawing on papers and presentations from the GIN2003 conference in San Francisco, Innovating for Sustainability.

Partnership and Leadership: Building Alliances for a Sustainable Future
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Ahead of the Curve: Cases of Innovation in Environmental Management
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Sustainability Strategies for Industry: The Future of Corporate Practice
Nigel J. Roome (ed.) 1998. Washington DC: Island Press. Sustainability Strategies for Industry provides a multidisciplinary examination of the meaning of sustainability and its practical implications for industry.
It defines sustainability in an industrial context and addresses how the shift to sustainability will affect the role of industry in society and its relationships with consumers, employees, and the community at large. Contributors examine new industrial approaches and consider the key elements needed to achieve sustainable practice.

The Greening of Industry Resource Guide and Bibliography
Peter Groenewegen, Kurt Fischer, Edith G. Jenkins and Johan Schot (eds.) 1996. Washington DC: Island Press. Through a series of essays and annotated references, this book presents analysis and commentary drawn from a variety of sources that examine critical issues in today's changing business environment. It is a valuable guide to the most respected and useful research on industrial sustainability, and can provide the basis for effective policies, strategies and actions for both businesses and policy makers. Chapters address specific economic, social, and technical issues, including: environmental performance assessment, cleaner production, strategic cooperation and product life cycle management, organizational learning and personal development, and greening leadership for developing countries.

Environmental Strategies for Industry: International Perspectives on Research Needs and Policy Implications
Kurt Fischer and Johan Schot (eds.). 1993. Washington DC: Island Press. Many large companies and multinational corporations are beginning to develop innovative environmental strategies which acknowledge that sound environmental policies can actually enhance competitiveness and increase market share by reducing resource use and waste while at the same time appealing to informed consumers. This represents a fundamental shift away from regulatory compliance and crisis management - this acclaimed book explores the transition.