GIN2015 International Symposium “Circular Economy inspiring Sustainable Innovations”   Mexico City    Papers
  GIN2012  Support your future today!
Turning environmental challenges into business opportunities 
  Linköping, Sweden    Proceedings  
  Workshop 2012  3rd Conference : Public and private strategies
for sustainable regional development 
  Mexico City    Contact info@greeningofindustry.org  
  GIN2010  Climate Change and Green Growth:
Innovating for sustainability 
  Seoul, Korea       
  GIN2009 International: Joint Actions on Climate Change    Aalborg, Denmark    Proceedings  
  Workshop 2009 2nd International Symposium on Collaborative Strategies
for Sustainable Development 
  Mexico City       
  Workshop 2008  International Conference on Sustainable Innovations
at the Base of the Pyramid 
  Helsinki, Finland       
  GIN2008  15th Facilitating Sustainable Innovations    Leeuwarden, The Netherlands    Proceedings  
  Workshop 2007 International Symposium: Water and climate change:
Research and Policy for Industrial Transformation 
  Mexico City       
  GIN2007 Sustainable Social and Ecosystem Stewardship    Waterloo, Canada    Proceedings   
July 2-6, 2006
Integration and Communication:
A Clear Route to Sustainability?
13th International Conference of the Greening of Industry Network
  Cardiff, Great Britain
ESRC Centre for Business Relationships, Accountability,
and Sustainability, BRASS,
Cardiff University
Special issue of Business Strategy and the Environment
(Wiley, July 2007 v16n5)
  Workshop 2006
April 3
Seminar on Rethinking the BOP – Models for New Economies
In the run-up to GIN2006, the BRASS Centre at Cardiff University took up Bottom of the Pyramid Business Models in this half-day seminar. Then at the GIN2006 conference in July, GIN will convene a workshop on The Bottom of the Pyramid Debate.
  Cardiff, Great Britain      
  Workshop 2006
February 17-18
Sustainable Regions and Global Trade
A workshop on international supply chains and their relation to regional development that is socially, ecologically, and economically sustainable. More
  Vermont, USA
School for International Training,
Brattleboro, Vermont
October 20-22
Global Shifts and Regional Development:
Innovating for Sustainable Agriculture, Energy, and Finance
  Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada
Acadia University, Arthur Irving Academy for the Environment
April 28-29
Critical Issues in Sustainable Development:
Agenda for Research and Action
  Enschede, The Netherlands,
University of Twente, home of GIN-Europe
Special issue of Business Strategy and the Environment
(October-December 1995 v4n4, ERP)
November 7-10
Partnerships for Sustainable Development
12th International Conference. Opening remarks by Kurt Fischer, GIN Co-founder and GIN-Americas Coordinator. Closing remarks by Theo de Bruijn, GIN-Europe Coordinator.
  Hong Kong, China
University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Special issue of Business Strategy and the Environment 
(Wiley  July-August 2005 v14n4)
October 12-15
Innovating for Sustainability
11th International Network Conference.
Organized in cooperation with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Performance Track Program, and Environment Canada/Government of Canada; and co-sponsored by Baker Petrolite Corporation and Clark University. 
  San Francisco, USA
San Francisco State University
Hotel Nikko, San Francisco
– Special issue of Business Strategy and the Environment
(Wiley  July-August 2004 v13n4). 
– Special journal issue “Technological Change and Regulation in the Car Industry”, Greener Management International (Issue 47). 
– Edited volume: The Business of Sustainable Mobility: From Vision to Reality,
Greenleaf Publishing, ISBN 1 874719 80 2.

Edited by Paul Nieuwenhuis and Peter Wells, Cardiff University, UK; Philip J. Vergragt, Tellus Institute, USA.
June 23-26
Corporate Social Responsibility & Governance for Sustainability
10th International Network Conference. Organized jointly with the School of Economics and Commercial Law at Göteborg University, and the Centre for Environment and Sustainability at Chalmers University of Technology. Opening remarks by Kurt Fischer.
  Göteborg, Sweden   Proceedings
Special issue of Business Strategy and the Environment (Wiley  July-August 2003 v12n4).
  Workshop 2002
October 9-13
International Conference on Sustainable Development
of Chelyabinsk and Region: From Dialogue to Partnership
Organized jointly with Women in Europe for a Common Future, and a Local Organizing Committee (with representatives from Russian NGOs, regional authorities, business and Chelyabinsk State University).
  Chelyabinsk, Russia   Summary report  
January 21-25
Sustainability at the Millennium:
Globalization, Competitiveness and the Public Trust
Ninth International Network Conference
  Bangkok, Thailand
GIN-Asia, Chulalongkorn University
To be ordered on CD at GIN-Asia@chula.ac.th
Special issue of Business Strategy and the Environment
(Wiley  March-April 2002 v11n2)
  Workshop 2000
November 13-14
Envisioning the Future Global Environment:
General Motors-GIN Workshop
  Warren, Michigan, USA   Workshop summary and related publications  
November 14-17
Sustainability: Ways of Knowing/Ways of Acting
Eighth International Network Conference
  Chapel Hill, USA
University of Carolina
Special issue of Business Strategy and the Environment
(Wiley  September-October 2000 v9n5)
November 15-18
Partnership and Leadership:
Building Alliances for a Sustainable Future
Seventh International Network Conference. Some 350 participants took part in five plenary sessions, 35 breakout sessions and workshops, to discuss the 150 papers and posters. The main theme of the conference was the engagement of partners in the transition of society towards sustainability. This transformation requires the cooperation, perseverance and dedication of all parties involved, and the development of new procedures, institutions and cultures needed for a productive cooperation. Options for this transformation and routes toward it were explored in the conference sessions and workshops devoted to building alliances in global, regional and local settings.
  Rome, Italy   Proceedings
To be ordered on CD at greening@cstm.utwente.nl

Special issue of Business Strategy and the Environment
(Wiley  September-October 1999 v8n5).


  Workshop 1998
July 28-30
Economic Recovery and Environmentally Sustainable Industry
in Asia: Compatible Goals?
  Bangkok, Thailand
Chulalongkorn University
  Workshop 1998
May 11
Greening in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises   Manchester, UK   Summary Report  
November 16-19
Developing Sustainability: New Dialogue, New Approaches
Sixth International Network Conference
  Santa Barbara, California,
University of California
  – Abstract Book
– Special issue of Business Strategy and the Environment
(Wiley  September 1998 v7n 4). 

  Workshop 1997
May 8
Sustainable Development: Meaning, Strategies and Collaboration
Among Industry, Government, Academia and Communities
  Turabo, Puerto Rico
Universidad del Turabo
November 24-27
Global Restructuring: A Place for Ecology
Fifth International Network Conference
  Heidelberg, Germany   – Abstract Book
– Special issue of Business Strategy and the Environment (Wiley  September 1997 v6n4).
– Regional Sustainability: From Pilot Projects to an Environmental Culture.
Milano, Italy, May 9-10, 1996
  Workshop 1996  Regional Sustainability:
From Pilot Projects to an Environmental Culture
  Milan, Italy      
November 12-14
Research and Practice:
Learning to Build Sustainable Industries for Sustainable Societies
Fourth International Network Conference
  Toronto, Canada   Special issue of Business Strategy and the Environment
(Wiley  September 1996 v5n3).
  Workshop 1995
October 17-19
Research Needs of the Future   Lausanne, Switzerland
Institute for Management Development
  Workshop 1995
April 20 – 21
Building a Research Agenda for Sustainable Development: Workshop
Effective Technology Policy for Sustainable Development: Workshop
  Washington D.C., USA      
November 13-15
From Greening to Sustaining:
Transformational Challenges for the Firm
Third International Network Conference
  Copenhagen, Denmark   Special issue of Business Strategy and the Environment
(October-December 1995 v4n4, ERP)
  Workshop 1994
April 28
What Role for Industry in a Sustainable World?
Public Forum 
  Amsterdam, The Netherlands      
November 14-16
Designing the Sustainable Enterprise
Second International Network Conference
  Cambridge, Massachusetts,
  Special issue of Business Strategy and the Environment (Summer 1994 v3n4, ERP)  
November 13-15
The Greening of Industry: Research Needs and Policy Implications
First International Network Conference
  Noordwijk aan Zee,
The Netherlands
  Environmental Strategies for Industry: International Perspectives in Research Needs and Policy Implications
(Island Press  1993)